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If you would like to join our club, love to have you.

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We currently have 84 paid members. $10.00 / year - Help support your local bee club.

Picture Last name First name Phone # Email Due
Baldridge Claudie 870.759.2724 Not on file Jun '22
Barnes Alan (870) 291-8472 deamon mail Apr '23
Bartz Becci 870.895.4861 bbartz52@hotmail.com Jun '22
Bates Michael 870.317.7501 mtaylorb10@live.com Apr '23
Beaman Suzy 260.438.4411 simplysafensecure.SB@gmail.com Apr '23
Birdsell Andy (870) 751-7165 birdselladj@yahoo.com May '22
Birdsell Bronna 314 960 3087 bronna.birdsell@gmail.com May '22
Borntrager David 417.332.5049 Not on file Sep'22
Borntrager Levi Jr 870.895.2403 Not on file Guest
Boyer Robin 870.847.1901 rkboyer1234@yahoo.com Apr'23
Brown James 870.307.9329 uglyoldman55@gmail.com Mar'23
Brown Morgan 870.612.0313 cwobrn@gmail.com Apr'23
Brown Susan 870.612.0313 fsp886@yahoo.com Apr'23
Buchanan Cliff 870.202.0671 cliffbuchanan823@gmail.com May'22
Carr Paul (870)219-2895 ppcarr58@gmail.com May'22
Carriger Kyle 713.829.4481 kyle_carriger@yahoo.com Oct'22
Carriger Sarah 832.530.8943 sarafina159@yahoo.com Oct'22
Corte' Al 870.635.2113 acorte@centurytel.net Feb'23
English Martin 870.856.4987 karnyashida@yahoo.com Jan'23
English Jacque 870.856.4987 jacquee@centurytel.net Dec'22
Evance Isabella 870.751.7140 notlostinla@yahoo.com Mar'23
Fare Teresa 417.257.3120 Not on file Feb'23
Fare Robert 417.224.1996 Not on file Feb'23
Farnham Gregory 815.988.6568 gfarno@gmail.com Apr'23
Farnham Sandra 815.988.6568 gfarno@gmail.com Apr'23
Fore Jane 932.492.3072 fore.jane@gmail.com Aug'22
Fore Stephen 281.731.4503 s.fore457@gmail.com Aug'22
Frazier John 870.895.4571 jfrazier2006@centurytel.net Feb'23
Frazier Wallene 870.895.4571 jfrazier2006@centurytel.net Feb'23
Galyean Darrell 870.634.6249 Not on file Apr'23
George Jesse 870.955.0551 jageorge.m891@gmail.com Aug'22
Glass Adam 870.751.7883 glassfarms2017@gmail.com Apr'23
Glass April 870.705.1129 glassfarms2017@gmail.com Apr'23
Goodwin Arrie 870.966.3666 arrei1@centurylink.net Mar'23
Goodwin Irene 870.966.3666 arrei1@centurylink.net Mar'23
Gray Perry L. 870.371.2634 deamon mail Apr'23
Herron Carol 870.405.7947 Demon Mail May'23
Herron Steve 870.895.2663 Demon Mail May'23
Icenogle Mark 870.955.9232 firemanxoxo@gmail.com May'22
Inman Carmen 870.751.7140 notlostinla@yahoo.com Mar'23
Israel Bill 870.751.0721 luv2flyrc@yahoo.com May'22
Israel Brinda 870.751.0721 luv2flyrc@yahoo.com May'22
Kaelber William L. 870.751.1176 druidjax@gmail.com Dec'22
Lamb Vernon 870.886.6669 vernonlamb@yahoo.com Dec'22
Leonard Eric 870.323.0141 edlfarms@yahoo.com Apr'23
Louck Mike 417.343.0810 terry.g.louck@gmail.com Feb'23
Louck Terry 417.343.0810 terry.g.louck@gmail.com Feb'23
Louck Mike 417.343.0810 terry.g.louck@gmail.com Feb'23
Lozier Luke 407.820.1077 lozier.luke@gamil.com Apr'23
Lozier Kelsey 407.820.1077 lozier.luke@gamil.com Apr'23
Messer Jerry Not on file deamon mail Apr'23
Morris Livenia 870.710.2107 lavenia_rose@hotmail.com Jun '22
Morris Wendell 870.869.2848 lavenia_rose@hotmail.com Jun '22
Myrick John Paul 870.318.0115 myrjo@aol.com Apr'23
Niswonger Johnnie 870.215.6438 joniswonger@gmail.com Dec'22
Ortego Leonard 870.847.3541 Not on file May'22
Perry Lonnie 870.895.2771 Home lonnieperry1@aol.com Feb'23
Perry Nora 870.371.0063 Cell lonnieperry1@aol.com Feb'23
Pitts Ryan 879.321.4038 rpitts@mrtidy.com Apr'23
Primm Linda 870.528.0067 lkprimm@gmail.com Feb'23
Primm Reggie 870.821.0926 rprimm@live.com Feb'23
Reed Teresa 879.751.3243 reedsongs@mail.com May'23
Schoenecke Martin 417.593.1479 Mrschoenecke@gmail.com Guest
Seymore Paul 870.895.4449 paulseymore45@gmail.com Jan'23
Seymore Tracey 870.750.1468 Cell paulseymore45@gmail.com Jan'23
Smith Laura 870.209.7606 artasiadesigns@gmail.com Guest
Snow Dawn 417.938.4971 dawndenise@icloud.com May'23
Stone Luanne 870.458.2405 Home lustone@centurytel.net Feb'23
Stone Robert "Bob" 870.404.0044 Cell Bobstone69@live.com Mar'23
Street Morris 870.847.0327 streetmorris@yahoo.com Aug'22
Taitano Adam 618.960.6057 adam_taitano@yahoo.com Aug'22
Thomas Katrine (916) 834-9205 kthomas08@live.com May'23
Thyer Julia 870.926.9849 jthyer14@gmail.com Apr'23
Trautt Schatonna 870.384.4408 mrstrautt@gmail.com Jan'23
Trautt Jared 870.384.4408 mrstrautt@gmail.com Feb'23
Tyner Janelle Not on file Not on file Guest
Vandergriff Bob 870.892.8336 bobjvandergriff@yahoo.com Guest
Vrielinck Christophe Private Private Feb'23
Weckwerth Justin 417.255.3409 Not on file Apr'23
Weckwerth Candra 417.255.3409 pedestalyorkies@gmail.com Apr'23
Wicker Bonnie 870.758.2007 b4himnow4@gmail.com Apr'23
Wilson Paul 870.750.0927 wthbymag@gmail.com May'22
Wooldridge James (Rick) 870.283.1834 james.wooldridge@sbcglobal.net Mar'23
Young Joshue 870.384.1660 youngjoshuausmc@yahoo.com Apr'23