Five Rivers Bee Club

Minutes for April 20, 2021


President: Lonnie Perry (870) 895-2771

Vice-President: Andy Birdsell (870) 847-0986

Secretary/Treasurer: Jacque English (870) 856-4987



Meeting was called to order 6:30 pm by Lonnie Perry at the Hardy Civic Center in Hardy, AR. We had 27 in attendance: 23 members, 4 guests.

Guest Speaker: Zac Wellman, Arkansas State Apiary Inspector.


Arrie Goodwin gave opening prayer.


Treasurer Report-

FNBC Checking - $789.98


Memberships 52 paid members. Dues will be from date of first signing up until the next year at the same time. (I.E.  You become a member in October; your dues do not come into effect until October of the following year.)

The member will have a three (3) month grace period after the due date to renew.  If member does not renew during this time period, they will be removed as a member in good standing to Guest status.


Meeting Minutes

Minutes from March 18, 2021 were accepted as read. Johnny Niswonger motioned and Arrie Goodwin seconded all approved.


Activity Report:

1) Reminder Upcoming Home Visits: Saturdays following the monthly meeting.

May 22, 2021 Daniel Morthland

Jun 19, 2021 Andy and Bronna Birdsell

Jul 24, 2021 Sarah and Kyle Carriger

Aug 21, 2021 OPEN

Sep 25, 2021 OPEN


April 24, 2921 was at Lonnie and Nora Perry home, the yard visit was rained out, but they still had a gathering at the overhang and talked bees.


2) Mentoring Program has commenced. If interested in becoming a mentor or needing a mentor please contact anyone from club. Remember REACH-TEACH-KEEP is the motto for the Mentoring Program.


3) Robert Fare spoke on Wax Moth Traps.


4) William Kaebler made recipe for anyone that wishes, there are handouts of recipes you can get at meeting or visit the webpage and get from there.


5) Zac Wellman was our guest speaker, but not sure what he covered. There was video malfunction and not all the meeting was recorded. He mentioned you need to register your bees location. Forms are available at the meeting, or can be downloaded off our website.


Minutes submitted by Carmen Inman and William Kaebler, THANK YOU BOTH for stepping up and covering for me while I was being pampered on my birthday in Eureka Springs.

Next Meeting: May 18, 2021

Time: Beginning at 6:30 P.M.

Location: Hardy Civic Center, Hardy Arkansas

What video was recorded will be available to watch on our webpage.