Five Rivers Bee Club  ~ Officers Meeting Minutes on 30 January 2020

We met at Pizza Hut in Ash Flat.  Those in attendance were:

President:  Vernon Lamb

Vice-President:  Lonnie Perry

Secretary / Treasurer:  Jacque English

Member-at-Large:  Robin Bowyer

Master-at-Arms:  Andy Birdsell

It was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Vernon

Topics Discussed:

1) Meeting Places:

            We are currently using Pizza Hut in Ash Flat.  January we had 26 folks in attendance and we expect that number to only grow larger.  That being the case, Pizza Hut may not be able to accommodate us.

            Jacque made phone calls for the Hardy Civic Center on Main Street and Ozarka College in Ash Flat behind Wal-Mart.  Both places would suit our growing membership.  After some discussion, we opted for the College as our first choice and Jacque is awaiting the confirmation from the college.  Then the Civic Center in Hardy as or 2nd.  Jacque also contacted the Highland Fire Department but has yet to hear back from them.

2) Financial Revenues:

            We have $611.87 in our checking account.   We use funds collected from members' dues, to purchase Christmas gifts for the members, pay for guest speaker's meals, purchase items for our annual pot luck picnic, business cards and club merchandise (hats, t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc).

Vernon suggested to make up a 2020 Calendar of the club.  Jacque will work on that and bring a proto type to the February meeting.

Carmen made the tri-fold flyer and with a few modifications, we will get those made up and distributed to various businesses in the area to promote our club.

3) Social Engagements:

Our annual picnic will be held the 3rd Saturday of September.  Apparently, last year the Rainbow Run was at the same time and it was not easy to get back to our picnic site.  Jacque will call Hardy City Hall and see if there is a conflict this year.

Home visits:  This was a success last year and we'll continue the field trips for hands-on training.   The date will be the Saturday following our monthly meeting. (3rd Thursday of each month).  Look and see what month works best for you and let Jacque know to set up on calendar of events.

4) Education Events:

Lonnie would like to see the club place a hive at the Ozarka College and insurance would be under the umbrella of the college.  Forms and waivers to be signed, etc.  in case of mishap.

Ken, one of our members, who lives across the street from the Highland School in Highland, also offered his piece of land to set up hives for the students to have a place to come and be educated.  Again, seeing about being under the insurance of the Highland School District.

To place an Education Booth at a County Fair.  Members are more than welcome to orchestrate a booth at any of the fairs.  The club will provide most of the educational materials.

5) Seminars:

To research about our club to host / sponsor an educational event.

6) Promotional:

Facebook reaches a lot of folks.  Vernon is going to contact Bob Vandergriff to obtain Admin rights to the site.

Jacque will contact the local newspapers and TV/radio stations to start running a Community Service Announcement each month.

7) Membership Meetings / Growth:

To have a small film on a subject matter then open it up for discussion at meetings when we do not have guest speaker.

To start Mentorship Programs for new beekeepers and pair them to a person that has some knowledge.  Acquire name of folks that would be willing to be a mentor.  Marty is drafting the format and guidelines of this new program.    

Vernon has arranged for Danny Brewer, Arkansas Apiary Inspector to be out guest speaker for February 20, 2020 meeting.  He will have a Power Point presentation.

Jacque spoke with Troy Spalding of Hillbilly Bees and he may also show up as a guest speaker.

March meeting - Bronna Birdsell, a Master Gardener,  will speak on Bees and Flowers.  Andy Birdsell will bring in the Oxalic Acid Vaporizer and explain how it works.

We have a new Motto that Lonnie came up with.  REACH ~ TEACH ~ KEEP.  It says it all.

Reach out to folks old and new to beekeeping

Teach them about beekeeping

Keep them interested in beekeeping and not to get discouraged.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Jacque English

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