Five Rivers Bee Club Monthly Meeting Minutes   for December 10, 2020

Meeting called to order by Vernon Lamb at 6:30 pm at the Hardy Civic Center at 301 Main Street Hardy Arkansas 72542

There were 19 members present.

Lonnie Perry gave opening prayer

Vernon made motion for minutes from November 19, 2020 be accepted as posted,  Robert Stone 2nd, all approved.

Jacque English gave Treasurer report.  Currently there is $530.39 in the FNBC checking account.  (All members have access to the bank records to review at anytime)

Tonight was ELECTIONS for our 2021 Officers who will assume the roles and responsibilities starting  January 2021.   Congratulations to all !!!

President - Lonnie Perry

Vice-President - Andy Birdsell

Secretary / Treasurer - Jacque English

Member-at-Large - Carmen Inman

Master-at-Arms- Arrie Goodwin

Revision to By-laws accepted.

Lyle Mackey made and donated this wonderful clock to the Hardy A&P Civic Center for appreciation of us being able to use the facilities for our meetings.

The Northeast Arkansas Beekeepers Association (NEA) will be having a Beginner Beekeeper Class on January 9th from 9 am - 5 pm.
Cost is $20.00 per person.
Location is ASU ,2501 Danner Avenue Jonesboro AR.
For more information:

Our newest members Dan and Carrie Morthland were commercial beekeepers with over 300 hives that have relocated to our area from Florida  They will be selling 5 frame NUCS $165.00  If interested, please contact him at 850-851-8038 or

Andy brought in some egg crates for folks to take and showed the technique on how to use as sugar feeders.

William Kaebler will be having Mushroom Honey helper available at the January 14th meeting..  Bring your containers to get yourself some.

Dome lid.JPG Dan Morthland spoke about Dome lid for hives.
Clear Dome Cover for your beehive. This cover allows you to see the activity in the hive without having to open the hive.
Perfect for visitors to see the active honey bees moving on the frames or feeding on a feeder in your hive.
The people who are curious about the beehive but are nervous about the honey bees can see the action without disturbing the honey bees.
Size 19 7/8 x 16 1/16 x 5 3/7 weight 7.2 oz

The bee quilt was won by Lonnie Perry who in turn played Santa and gifted Isabella with it.

Rest of the night was social time and Christmas bags passed out for folks to swap items and wonderful wooden plaques that Toni made (just a small sample of what she made for us) plus handmade beaded  bee pens that Maggie Johnson made. 
Loads of miscellaneous goodies: -hats, coffee cups, tee shirts, crafting material, winter parties,  and much more.  We hope everyone enjoys.

scrapper.JPG20201213_112701.jpgbee pens.jpg20201213_114546.jpg20201213_114438.jpg



Meeting was adjourned at 7:10 p.m., then it was social time.

Next Meeting: 14 January 2021 @6:30 PM

Guest Speaker will be Myron Kroph

Place:  Hardy Civic Center – Main Street – (across from Bill’s Cash Saver)

Minutes submitted by Jacque English