Minutes for June 18, 2020  



President:                        Vernon Lamb         (870) 886-6669        

Vice-President:               Lonnie Perry          (870) 895-2771

Secretary /Treasurer     Jacque English       (870) 856-4987


Meeting was called to order 6:30 p.m. by Vernon Lamb at the A.J. Hudson Memorial Center (Outside)  in Highland, AR.  We had 24 in attendance:  21 members, 3 guests.


Arrie Goodwin  gave opening prayer. 


Treasurer Report

FNBC Checking - $614.39

 Paid out $42.00 for Area Wide Newspaper Ad for 6 weeks.


Memberships – 35 paid members.  All annual dues are from January to January.   Help your club and renew.


Meeting Minutes

Minutes from May 21, 2020 were accepted as read.  Vernon Lamb motioned and Arrie Goodwin seconded - all approved. 


Activity Report:

 1)  Mentorship Program kicking off and folks are taking advantage .  If you are wishing to be a mentor to someone to share your knowledge and answer question OR a person wishing to a protégé  if you have any questions.  Please let Jacque know so she can play match maker.  Reach-Teach-Keep

Thank you all that have contacted me - May this new program work well for you.


2) Home Visits are about to start.

   Jul 18,  11:00 AM - Lonnie and Nora Perry

1027 Sunrise Salem AR 72576

870.371.0063 Cell

870.895.2771 Home


  Aug 22, OPEN

  Sep 19 OPEN

 Oct 17, OPEN

 Nov 21. OPEN

 The Saturday after monthly meetings.  Remember to bring your suits.  Not all ladies are nice.


3)    Vernon had an announcement that Northeast Arkansans Beekeepers  Association has a new President.  Kristi Cook and she also sells queens.    She is located in Bono AR.  $25 each.  Please call, text, or PM her. 901-301-3067  She will be our Guest speaker next month.


4) Other people that sells queens is Myron Kroph.  His number is 870-458-3002 and he lives in Bexar AR.

Lonnie Perry 870.371.0063 and Erin Scott 870.751.1466.


5) Jacque got an email asking to buy wax.

form wax.JPG

John Z also sent email and posted on Facebook:



6)  Arrie Goodwin relayed to the members that we had lost a member last December - Alvin Cox - Condolences to the family. 

7 ) Nora Perry gave a little talk on Beatitude.  I am so sorry I did not record her, it was great.    But here is the sample that she wanted to share for you to create your own and submit.  

B: Buy Stuff

20200618_184419_001.jpgE: Exercise


T: Time to Watch Video


T: Thanks

U: Understanding

D: Different Language

E: Excellence



8)  Lonnie Perry spoke on the differences in foundations (Wood vs Plastic).

·       Black Foundation is good for seeing Brood cells

·       Plastic Frames are usually coated with wax already

·       Wood frames will deteriorate over time

He brought an observation hive for us to find the queen. 

9) To uncap honey - Andy uses a heat gun - no mess and extremely quick.

10) Various feeders - Quart jar at entrance way for  folks that have 1 - 2 hives.  Top lid feeder for all others.

11) Erin Scott got up and spoke about her journey as a beekeepers these past 12-18 months.  She highly recommends to visit this website:  https://barnyardbees.com/  Great informational videos.

She has a Long Hive with 7 frames of bees for sale for $400.00  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UnHqtHH4nE  See her design.

She also has 2-3 frame nucs for sale - $30.00 a frame.

Any questions or place an other  - her number is 870.751.1466

Video of meeting can be found here.  http://5rbc.net/Movies/330452372.mp4

Bee Calendar : Thanks to UAEX.edu

Meeting was adjourned at7:30 p.m.

Next Meeting: 16 July 2020 @6:30 PM

Place:  A.L. Hudson Memorial Center (OUTSIDE)  in HIghland

Minutes submitted by Jacque English