Five Rivers Bee Club Monthly Meeting

19 December 2019

Arrie gave opening prayer.

Vernon motioned to accept minutes of November as read, Bronna seconded. All approved.

11 members were present and voting took place for the 2020 Officers.

Congrats to our new Officers:

         President - Vernon Lamb

         Vice-President - Lonnie Perry

         Secretary / Treasurer: Jacque English

         Member-at-Large: Carmen Inman and Robyn Boyer

         Master-at-Arms: Andy Birdsell

Also, Meetings in January and February 2020 are a go.
If they cancel schools, the conditions may be unsafe for you, please stay safe and we'll see you the following month.
By the time the meeting happens - hopefully the roads will be clear.
If you can make it to the meeting - wonderful. EDITED: Thank you for the correction Arrie.

Next up was the Dirty Santa. Vernon passed out the numbers and everyone in turn acquired gifts. May each of you enjoy what you ended up with. Arrie was stolen from the most - everyone wanted what he opened.

Reminder that Dues are due. $10.00 per person beginning January. We accept cash, checks and have PayPal,.

The club picked up the tab on everyone meals. All Vernon asked was that each leave a tip instead.

Meeting was adjourned 7:30 PM

Transcribed from video that Carmen Inman took. Thank you Carmen for stepping in while I been away.

Next meeting January 16, 2020.

Place: TBD - check website and email for update.

I been informed that Mac's is closing its doors for good. Such a nice location - sad we lost it again.

Off top of my head, we have Rebel Time Out in Highland that has a room we can use. No gratuity charge to use room.

Artisan's has re-opened across from Walmart - is an option. They do charge a gratuity fee for usage.

If you can think of any other place, please let us know.

EDITED: (Addition) .. I did schedule Rebel Time Out in Highland for our next meeting.
They have a small room that can we can use.

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