Five Rivers Bee Club Minutes of November 21, 2019

First meeting at the new place (Mac's Bistro).

Thank you Carmen Inman for the videos of meeting and the links are posted here to view.

Nov 21, 2019 Pt 1 of video meeting
Nov 21, 2019 Pt 2 of video meeting
Nov 21, 2019 Pt 3 of video meeting
Nov 21, 2019 Pt 4 of video meeting

Lonnie Perry gave opening prayer.

Minutes of October 17, 2019 were accepted as read. Vernon made motion and Lonnie seconded.

Treasurer Report: $636.36

Vernon Lamb spoke on Officer positions for 2020.
These were the nominees from the meeting, but if you have anyone in mind or like to hold a position, please let Vernon know or post on the website Facebook page whom you nominate to hold any of these positions.
President: Vernon nominated Lonnie, but Lonnie declined at this time. He has too much on his plate at this time to accept, but thanked everyone for the vote of confidence.
Vernon accepted nomination.
Vice-President: Arrie Goodwin accepted nomination.
Secretary / Treasurer: Jacque nominated Carmen, but Carmen declined this position but would accept and continue to be Member-at-large.
Jacque accepted nomination.
Member-at-Large: Carmen accepted nomination.
Master-at-Arms: Andy accepted nomination.

December nominees will be voted in.
January - New Officers assumed the role and responsibilities of each position.

This will be added to the December ballot questionnaire as well: To have or have not a meeting in January.
Lonnie brought up that at the round table at the Birdsells’ that there be no meeting for January 2020.
Vernon mentioned that February is also a rough month for our area and should be something to think about.

Arrie mentioned to have the meeting in January because Myron Kroph is to be a guest speaker.
If folks can make it - fine, but not to cancel the January meeting.
Lonnie asked if Myron could come February and Arrie said he would be splitting his hives in February and could not do it then.

Vernon said that we'll be having another Secret Santa for December's meeting since it was such a success last year.

Rules Of Playing Dirty Santa

Vernon spoke on winter up and coming - again - time to winterize your hives with bottom boards and reducers placed. Vernon talked on feeding bees as well during the winter months. He brought in various top feeders and explained how he does his feeding.

Lonnie brought up he read that the asian wasps are coming and they eat bees. Lyle said that the bees will group up, create heat and kill these wasps. May we not see these wasps in our hives in the States as our friends across the pond are dealing with them.

Walter Smith posted where money is being offered to honey keepers. To read more on this..... FSA USDA Program

Get your orders in mind for more bees from your local beekeepers: (I will add prices once I know what they are this year) If you know of any others selling bees next year, please let me know, so I can add them to the list.

Arrie shared February 8th in Jonesboro at the college is the annual kickoff seminar for the Beekeepers. If you have not attended, you should mark your calendar. Well worth the trip with guest speakers, John Z and Jeff Woods and others. (I will post more once I find out more - if anyone has a flyer of this event, please send my way and I will update the minutes) It is about 6 - 8 hours beginning at 8 AM.

Reminder that annual dues of $10.00 /per person will begin January 2020.

Vernon suggested for us to start our “Home Visits” schedule again for next year. Folks really enjoyed doing those. Lonnie said he would not have an issue doing a Winter Home Visit.

If your honey is not good enough to eat (has a funny taste) then just re-feed it to your bees.

Meeting adjourned 7:30 pm

Next meeting scheduled for December 19, 2019.

Minutes submitted by Carmen Inman via Video.

Jacque English wrote up.

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