Five Rivers Bee Club
Minutes for June 20, 2019

*President:Vernon Lamb(870) 886-6669 *
*Vice-President:Arrie Goodwin(870) 966-3666 *
*Secretary /Treasurer:Jacque English(870)856-4987*
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Please feel free to contact any of us at anytime.

“The mission of Five Rivers Bee Club is to provide our membership and local community with a forum for sharing knowledge and mutual interests in beekeeping, to educate and promote the benefits of beekeeping to the public.”

In attendance: We had 23 folks (18 members and 5 guests) We have 51 paid members.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the folks born in June: Terry Hill and Linda Dixon

We met at Bob and Sandy's Beach BBQ in Hardy AR and meeting began at 6:30 p.m.

Arrie Goodman gave opening prayer.


1)Minutes from May 16th were accepted as read. Vernon made motion to accept and Arrie 2nd it. All approved.

2)Treasurer's Report:(Books are open for any member to review)FNBC Checking:$779.01

3) Five Rivers Bee Club Field Trip Day - It is a great way to get hands-on learning techniques, ask questions and get guidance. The field trips will be held on Saturday following the monthly meeting of every month at various members locations.

If you wish to be added to one of the months OPEN, please contact me; either by email Jacque English or phone (870) 856-4987 with which Saturday and best time for you to have be at your place.

Jul 20 is OPEN
Aug 17 is OPEN
Sep 21 will be our Annual Picnic
Oct 19 is OPEN

On Jun 15, 2019 Saturday we met at Lonnie and Nora Perry's home at 11:00AM, we walked and talked and looked at various hives.
Lonnie then took us inside his honey house and showed us his set up to extract honey.
Afterwards, Nora put on a very nice spread and we all had a wonderful picnic at the overlook.
Thank you both for a wonderful day and opening your home to us.

Link to the video taken:

4) Jacque will post the videos on the site as well as on Facebook.
We have 51 paid members, 21 members are on Facebook while 30 members are not.
We have 51 paid members, 39 members has an Email while 12 members do not.
We have 51 paid members, 48 members has a Phone Number while 3 members do not.
So with this information, the best way to reach our members would be by phone, email, then Facebook.

To review who we do not have emails or a phone number for, please check out our members page here and see if we can fill in the blanks. Members page

That page was also edited and added a tel: link, so you can call straight from your phone, plus a picture of our member.
If you do not see your picture, please send me one that you'd like to use and I will add.

5) Vernon did a show and tell on a new lightweight NUC holder for splitting hives.
He and Lonnie after using it for a month have both come to the same conclusion, they are not that good and would not recommend them.
Lonnie said he caught a swarm and within 24 hours - they left that container and went to an empty hive a few feet away.
Vernon said the heat warped the openings and they both agreed it emits an odor.
Their bees just did not like the new container.

6) There is a new bee club forming around the Imboden AR area.
Arrie said he was helping Dave Lawrence to get it started, but did not have much more information than that.
We are not an exclusion club and we welcome our members to also join other clubs that may be closer to them.
We are about promoting bee keeping, be it backyard hobbyist or commercial.
Knowledge is knowledge, no matter the source.

7) It is that time of year to be thinking about our Annual Picnic and what you wish to bring.
It was a great success last year and we'll have it again at the same location as last year.
Loberg Park in Hardy AR at the same pavilion.
Looking at the Saturday following our monthly meeting (Sept 21st), instead of a Home Visit.


8) Handouts are available at each meeting that includes the newest Mann Lake catalogue, along with American Bee Journals magazines.
Plus previous information sheets from past meetings.

9)John Fraizer spoke on his mite treatment and the results he had.
He has about 3% of mites in his yard and he uses Apivar Strips.
They seem to work of all the products he tried.
He also is going to try vaporizing to treat mites.

10) Vernon spoke on how to start and maintain a SMOKER. He had handouts (posted on end of minutes)

11) We had guest speakers Jim Smith Sr. (Mammoth Springs) and Jim Smith, Jr. (Dechi, CA). They are commercial bee keepers.
They had 5 frames NUC for sale for $185.00 / each.
For mites, they recommend a cheap way to control them is by sprinkling Pure Cane Powered Sugar on top of them and they will clean themselves, licking off the mites.
As far as hive beetles, if your hive is strong, you should not have any issues with beetles.
In his opinion, feeding your bees makes lazy bees. Why would they go out and harvest when they just wait and be hand-fed.
Senior likes to work with 7-8 frame boxes. He is getting older and they are a little lighter to handle than a full heavy 10-frame box. He leaves those to his son, Junior.
Plus the girls can work up a smaller box much faster than a larger one.
Be sure use PURE CANE sugars, NO Corn Syrup, that is crap food - not hardly any nutrients and not healthy for the girls.

12) We had a raffle for a tool Belt that John Frazier won and a Feeder with Ladder that Kyle Mackey won. Congrats to you both.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Jacque English

Next Meeting July 18, 2019 at Bob and Sandy's Beach BBQ in Hardy AR beginning at 6:30 p.m.