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Minutes for April 16, 2019


*President: Vernon Lamb (870) 886-6669 *
*Vice-President: Arrie Goodwin(870) 966-3666 *
*Secretary / Treasurer:Jacque English(870)856-4987*
*Webmaster / Admin: Webmaster / Admin
*Master-at-Arms: Ron Brownell and Rick Derouin
*Member-at-Large: Robin Bowyer, Ronda Lee, and Carmen Inman
Please feel free to contact any of us should you have any questions.


The mission of Five Rivers Bee Club is to provide our membership and local community with a forum for sharing knowledge and mutual interests in beekeeping, to educate and promote the benefits of beekeeping to the public. ? Five Rivers Bee Club By-Laws

April 16, 2019

Five Rivers Bee Club Monthly Meeting

In attendance: We had 24 folks (21 members and 3 guests) Welcome to our newest members: Walter Smith.

We have 48 paid members.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the folks born in April

Andy and Bronna Birdsell, Richard Green, and Jacque English

We met at Artisans in Highland AR and meeting began at 6:30 p.m.

Vernon Lamb gave opening prayer.

Handouts passed out to each member:

1) Minutes of March 12th meeting

2) Five Rivers Bee Club By-Laws

3) April 27th flyer for Master Garden Club Seminar in Ash Flat AR

Topics Discussed:

1) Minutes from March 12th, 2019 were not accepted since the official meeting notes were never submitted from the Vice-President. Additionally, Rick Adams and Bob Stone disputed Paragraph 4) saying it was tabled and was to be discussed at the April meeting. It was addressed that we had been discussing this move since late 2018 and in Jan it was voted on for us to move. Until we receive the official meeting notes for March, the minutes posted will stand as is. These minutes are based on the input from the President.

2) Vernon answered questions about the move to the new location and why.

Folks commented on the confusion on Face book and that conflict/drama should not be aired on a public forum. Many agreed.


Vernon assured that the website and our minutes would always have the accurate information and our social media site should not be the official site to go to.


3) Treasurer's Report: (Books are open for any member to review) FNBC Checking: $1109.01

A withdrawal of $255.00 was taken out to pay Hillbilly Bees the balance due for the NUCs

4) Vernon directed folks to the By-laws and made a motion that Article 3) be changed to read Monthly instead of 2nd Tuesday, to give us flexibly each month. Bronna 2nd and all agreed.

He talked about adding a 2/3 votes Quorum to By-Laws. Walter Smith asked how would that work if 2/3 of the members are not present for a vote. We discussed various ways 1) emailing each member with a ballot (but not all members have email or even a computer) , 2) Facebook vote (again, we have over 180 online members to our Face book site, so not a viable option), talked about a Closed Facebook page for our 'members only' and that was not an option since we wish to share our knowledge with the world, we do have folks from all over. For now, we carry on status quo. All agreed.

5) Place for Meeting: We have been discussing this since late 2018. We will be having our meetings at Bob and Sandy's in Hardy AR. They will be opening 1st week of May. Jacque stopped by and talked to them about using the room that holds 40+ comfortably. I asked what time they closed and they said we can stay as long as we like. They do not have a "Closed" sign. They said if they have folks there, they stay open until they leave. I told them that sometimes we have more than one guest speaker and we run over a little bit and they had no issues with that. There is no forced gratuity for those that are concern about that.

Linda Dixon said she'd talk to Jill from the Silver Spoon that should also opening soon in Hardy AR.

Per a majority input by the Board of Directors, for now, we will meet the 3rd Thursday of the month at Bob & Sandy's in Hardy AR. The question arose if they would be open during the winter months and I will stop by and ask. If not, we may be having different venues for the winter months until we find one that meets our needs all year round. Carmen Inman made motion for us to have it at Bob and Sandy's in May, Bronna 2nd. All agreed.

Be sure to check the website for the current date / location of our next meeting.

6) Five Rivers Bee Club Field Trip Day - Our club will start visiting members hives as a group to get hands-on experience; to learn techniques, ask questions and offer guidance. The field trips will be held on Saturday of every month at various members locations.

If you wish to be added to one of the months OPEN, please contact me; either by email Jacque English or phone (870) 856-4987 with which Saturday and best time for you to have be at your place.

Apr is OPEN

May 18, 2019 (Saturday) Walter Smith 11:00AM
1000 E Cardinal Road Cave City AR 72521 Sharp County

Jun 15, 2019 (Satruday) Lonnie Perry 11:00AM 
1027 Sunrise Road Salem AR 72576 Fulton County

Jul is OPEN

Aug is OPEN

Sep is OPEN

Oct is OPEN

7) Bee Orders are still outstanding to be picked up from Myron. I called and spoke with his wife. She said they just started building the packages. I will check back to see when they will be ready, unless someone has talked to him and knows already.


# of Pkgs







8) Plants - Bronna is Vice President of the Izard County Master Gardener Club and they had their seminar last month. Lonnie was the guest speaker. Here is a partial listing of plants that bees love.

Plant at least three different types of flowers in your bee garden to ensure blooms through as many seasons as possible. This will provide bees and other pollinators with a constant source of food.  For example:

         Crocus, hyacinth, borage, calendula, and wild lilac provide enticing spring blooms in a bee garden.

         Bees feast on bee balm, cosmos, Echinacea, snapdragons foxglove, and hosta in the summer.

         For fall, zinnias, sedum, asters, witch hazel and goldenrod are late bloomers that will tempt foragers.

9) Guest Speaker - and also a member - Lonnie Perry - talked about his trip to the Bee Conference in MO he attended and what he learned. He admitted it was a lot of information put out and he would not have time to cover everything. He highly recommends that all should attend the next one, it was very informative.

  Zack Lamas was a special speaker at conference that spoke on Rapid Expansion.

         Give Brood Frame to weak hives to make them stronger

         Swarms - catch them - be ready

         Checker boarding brood box drop

v  Timing the checkerboarding intervention is very important (note that all these times are different reference points that refer to the same time in the United States). The best time for the intervention is:

o    at the time the elm trees bloom

o    four weeks before the maple trees bloom

o    five weeks before redbud trees bloom

o    eight weeks before the start of the apple tree blossom

o    nine weeks before the peak of the apple tree blossom


  Early honey flow NOW

  Timing - Swarm - 16 days to Queen

  31 days bees life span

  Queen lives up to 6 years

  Queen bee color for this year (2019) is GREEN.

  Bee yard registry required in the State of Arkansas and we have the forms.

  MSBA Spring Conference Cooking with Honey: An Introduction by Bill Allinder. Recipe Book 14 page recipe book.

  Bee clubs help mentor upcoming bee keepers

  PR - Bee Promotion - Awareness

  Learn environment - Club activity

  Honeybee Democracy by Thomas D. Seeley  (Author)

  Leaders Guide Club direction

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Jacque English

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