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Minutes for February 12, 2019


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“The mission of Five Rivers Bee Club is to provide our membership and local community with a forum for sharing knowledge and mutual interests in beekeeping, to educate and promote the benefits of beekeeping to the public.”  ? Five Rivers Bee Club By-Laws

February 12, 2019

Five Rivers Bee Club Monthly Meeting

In attendance: We had 33 folks (26 members and 7 guests)  Welcome to our newest members: James Wooldridge, Robert "Bob" Stone, Richard "Rick" Adams, Tommy Pitcher, Clint and Liz Williams.  Introductions were made.   We have 45 paid members.

We met at Patio Lino in Ash Flat, AR. and meeting began at 6:30 p.m.

Tom Pitcher gave opening prayer.

Topics Discussed:

1)  Minutes from Jan 2019 were accepted as is.  Minutes from the Officer's meeting was passed out to each member to have their own copy.   We understand that some folks do have own a computer to read the minutes or access Face-book on our website  We will be making copies of the minutes from here on out for each member's household.  Any pamphlets, handouts, will also be printed and pass out as well.

2)  Treasurer's Report:  (Books are open for any member to review)  FNBC Checking:  $815.01      

3)  Vernon  asked if anyone else received a USDA Questionnaire/Survey on Honeybees.  Jacque is going to contact them to see if she can get a stack for the members.

 4)  Show-n-Tell:  Vernon did a wonderful show-n-tell presentation on the difference  between a NUC and a Pkg.  He had pictures in the frames to show what to look for, what patterns  should look like.  Handout attached. 

 5)  Place for Meetings:  We all agree that we are out growing our present location (Patio Lino) in Ash Flat.  We asked the members present how many wanted a food place and how many wanted a non-food place.    

The majority in attendance, by a show of hands, voted a place that serves food. 

A poll was also placed on our Face-book page for the folks that could not make this meeting.     

We have very few places in our area that can accommodate our membership size.  Artisan has the room and the available time slot, but they do add a 20% gratuity tax onto everyone's bill.  

I just read that  Bob and Sandy's BBQ in Hardy will be re-opening in the spring and they have the room for us all comfortably.

6)  Five Rivers Bee Club Field Trip Day - Our club will start visiting members hives as a group to get hands-on experience;  to learn techniques, ask questions and offer guidance.  The field trips will be held the 1st Saturday of every month at various members  locations.  

Jacque will send out an email to each member and post on Face-book looking for folks wishing to be take part and come up with a schedule to be posted on website.

7)  Arrie relayed Jonesboro Meeting / Seminar will be held Saturday, March 30, 2019.  Contact Arrie for more information.

8)  Carmen worked up an impressive  tri-fold pamphlet to be placed at various businesses in the area.  Handout attached.

9)  Lonnie brought in a Bee tool bag that a friend (Caroline Burntree) of his made.  Very sturdy and well-made.  They sell for $40.00.

10)  Rick Adams made some very cool stickers and passed out.  Thank you Rick.  Here is his website - if you need something created:

11)  Bee orders were due this meeting for this year.  I spoke with Troy of Hillbilly Bees  and I overcharged.  For our members  the cost of a NUC is $150.00 / ea  , not $165.00.  I will give the balance owed to folks at the March meeting.    Orders submitted for this year:


# 0f NUC

# of Pkgs















Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Jacque English

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