Minutes for December 11, 2018



President:                Arrie Goodwin          (870) 966-3666

Vice-President:            Vernon Lamb            (870) 886-6669

Secretary /Treasurer    Jacque English          (870) 856-4987

Member-at-Large: Robin Bowyer and Ronda Lee

Master-at-Arms: Rick Deroiun


Meeting was called to order 6:30 p.m. by Arrie Goodwin at Patio Lino in Ash Flat, AR.

We had 15 members and 2 guests in attendance.


Treasurer Report (Books are open for any member to review) FNBC Checking: $425.51


Memberships  54 paid members.   IT IS THE TIME FOR RENEWAL OF MEMBERSHIPS. Help your club and renew.


Meeting Minutes from Nov 13, 2018 were available to read. All minutes are online to read if you missed a meeting. No changes required.


Activity Report:

The nominations for our 2019 Officers.

President, Vernon Lamb

Vice-President, Arrie Goodwin

Secretary/Treasurer, Jacque English

Master-at-Arms, Rick Deroiun and Ron Brownell

Member-at-Large. Robin Bowyer, Ronda Lee, and Carmen Inman


Since there were no other nominees - these will be the new Officers for 2019. They will officially assume the role and responsibilities of the office January 2019.


Arrie arranged to have Myron Kroph as our guest speaker for the January meeting.

Arrie said that Donna from the Jonesboro Glass Factory wishes us all a Very Merry Christmas.


Sugar Patties should be in all hives by now.


Screen Board bottom - board necessary to be placed during the winter. Mixed feelings on this, some place in and others do not. If up north - yes , but since our area does not have the cold as the north, many do not insert them and there have been no issues losing bees.


Arrie suggested to start reading the minutes at each meeting. No one seconded, so will continue as we have been unless at next meeting, the topic is broached again.


We had our Dirty Santa, and lots of nice gifts. Not much stealing, all seemed pleased with what they unwrapped. Thank you all who made this a lot of fun to do.


Time to order NUCS from (http://www.hillbillybees.com/ ) from Salem, AR is now. When you order make sure you state you are member of the bee club for the discount.

Hillbillies Bees - Salem, AR - 888.887.4420 - $165.00 NUCS

Myron Kroph - Bexar, AR - 870.458.3002 - $ 85.00 PACKAGE

Myron Kroph - Bexar, AR - 870.458.3002 - $ 4.00 WAX BLOCKS

Coys-Honey-Farm-Inc in Jonesboro (870) 932-0034 sells Russians, they tend to be more aggressive at honey flow.

Perfect Bees offers online classes regarding Beekeeping.  A good thing to check out.  https://www.perfectbee.com/beekeeping-course/


Bee Calendar : Thanks to UAEX.edu Let's you see what you should be doing for each month


Rest of the night, we just chatted with each other and socialized.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

Next Meeting: 08 Jan 2019 @6:30 PM

Place: Patio Lino in Ash Flat Arkansas

Minutes by Jacque English

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