Minutes for November 13, 2018



President:                Arrie Goodwin          (870) 966-3666

Vice-President:            Vernon Lamb            (870) 886-6669

Secretary /Treasurer    Jacque English          (870) 856-4987

Member-at-Large: Robin Bowyer and Ronda Lee

Master-at-Arms: Rick Deroiun


Meeting was called to order 6:30 p.m. by Arrie Goodwin at Patio Lino in Ash Flat, AR.

We had 20 members and 4 guests in attendance.


Treasurer Report (Books are open for any member to review) FNBC Checking - $323.51


Memberships  54 paid members.  .



Meeting Minutes from Oct 09, 2018 were available to read. All minutes are online to read if you missed a meeting. No changes required.


Changes were made on the website. Thank you Wayne Neal for the email stating the location of the meeting was written as two separate locations. The changes were made and now corrected.


Activity Report:


The nominations for our 2019 Officers.

President, Vernon Lamb

Vice-President, Arrie Goodwin

Secretary/Treasurer, Jacque English

Master-at-Arms, Rick Deroiun and Ron Brownell

Member-at-Large. Robin Bowyer, Ronda Lee, and Carmen Inman


Since there were no other nominees - these will be the new Officers for 2019. They will officially assume the role and responsibilities of the office January 2019.


The re-stock of t-shirts are in teeback.jpgand a new item (BALL CAPS) hats.jpg. The ball caps were passed out to the members that were there. They will sale for $15.00 /ea.


The honey display at Patio Lino is open for ANY member to sell their honey there. Arrie said the demand is high and does very well there.


Time to order NUCS from (http://www.hillbillybees.com/ ) from Salem, AR is now. When you order make sure you state you are member of the bee club for the discount.

Hillbillies Bees - Salem, AR - 888.887.4420 - $165.00 NUCS

Myron Kroph - Bexar, AR - 870.458.3002 - $ 85.00 PACKAGE

Myron Kroph - Bexar, AR - 870.458.3002 - $ 4.00 WAX BLOCKS


Coys-Honey-Farm-Inc in Jonesboro (870) 932-0034 sells Russians, they tend to be more aggressive at honey flow.


winter%20patties.pngTime to add the sugar patties on a nice warm day for your bees this year.


Vernon said it is that time of year to start winterizing your bees. Stop with sugar water, they rarely drink that during the winter. It is best to make up Winter Patties for winter. Winter Patties - Case of 5lbs $9.60 https://www.kelleybees.com/winter-patties-5.html Each winter patty is the perfect food to keep your bees healthy and going strong all winter long. Contains everything bees need, like protein and carbs, to get them through the winter. Each patty contains approximately 4% protein and 96% carbohydrates for energy.


Vernon recommends during the winter to remove the screen and place pollen on one side and the winter patties on the other.





Lonnie went to Texas to visit his son and checked his hives while there.

He also wanted to share it is time to reduce your entrance and place a mouse guard up. Mice will get inside where it is warm and reek havoc on your hives. Ensure your brood boxes and hives cannot get condensation in winter because it will drop onto the bees and kill them.


On a side note - Arrie mentioned that the VFW is holding a Veterans Dinner on Dec 13th at Artisans. $5.00 entry. All Veterans are welcome to attend.


Jacque passed out the Rules for the "Dirty Santa" for our December's meeting. See attached sheet at end of minutes.


Pocket Guide.jpgGlenn brought some nice Pocket Guides on Bee Health from an event he attended. Thank you Glenn.

Will have at meetings to pick yours up.





Perfect Bees offers online classes regarding Beekeeping.  A good thing to check out.  https://www.perfectbee.com/beekeeping-course/


Bee Calendar : Thanks to UAEX.edu Let's you see what you should be doing for each month


Rest of the night, we just chatted with each other and socialized.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

Next Meeting: 11 Dec 2018 @6:30 PM

Place: Patio Lino in Ash Flat Arkansas

Minutes submitted by Jacque English


Rules Of Playing Dirty Santa

Rule 1). Define Price Limit

We decides that $20 is good price limit or a range, to make sure that the approximate value of all gifts will be same.

Rule 2). Everyone Buys One Gift

Each person will walk away with a single gift at the end of the day, which means everyone must bring a gift themselves to the party.

Rule 3). Top Notch Wrapping

One thing to pay close attention is wrapping. Dirty Santa gifts are expected to be well wrapped, even look deceivingly good to make people want to open them. The guest should not be able to guess what's inside. Remember, this is the time to get creative and even a bit "pranky" by "overwrapping" gifts multiple times to make it hard to open, making them heavier with dead weight to seem more valuable or shaping them like items that they are not. More deceivingly wrapped - the better!

Rule 4). Draw Player Order

Guests draw numbers from a bowl, then arrange everyone around the gifts for easy, clockwise gift swapping and opening action! So if you drew #1, then you stand in front of the gift marked #1, etc.

Rule 5). Opening And Stealing

Each player must open an unopened gift associated with the number you pull. Stealing is not allowed until all gifts have been opened, then with everyone open gifts in the order of the drawn numbers, then let the person with number 1 does the first stealing, if they so wish to.

Rule 6). No Swap-Backs

If the gift is stolen from you, it is your turn to steal another gift, but you cannot steal the gift just taken from you right away. You must wait for another opportunity to strike.

Rule 7). (Optional) Themes

Since we are a Bee Club, I would suggest to have gifts associated with Honey Bees in some fashion making gift buying more predictable and easy.

Rule 8). Early Outs

This means that if a gift is stolen 3 times, or the player gets stolen from 3 times, the gift that they are holding will be theirs and they are out of the game.

Rule 9). Enjoy !!


Thank you all for a fun time and may you enjoy your gift.