Minutes for May 09, 2017



President:                       Arrie Goodwin          (870966-3666

Vice-President:              Vernon Lamb            (870886-6669

Secretary /Treasurer   Jacque English          (870856-4987


Meeting was called to order 6:30 p.m. by Arrie Goodwin at Grandma’s Country Cookin’ Restaurant in Hardy, AR.  We had 15 members and 5 guests.  Arrie gave opening prayer. 


Treasurer Report

FNBC Checking - $1487.53


Memberships – 33 paid members.  All annual dues are from January to January.   Help your club and renew.  Welcome to returning members and our newest members: Glenn Clark , Patricia Ann Lufkin, Lisa, Joey, Jacob, Jared Teem, and Allen Mullen.


Meeting Minutes

Minutes from April 11, 2017 were not present but accepted as read on website.


Activity Report:

1)     Two people had bees they got from Myron, but lost them Alan Mullins because had to help the queen out and Jacque English lost theirs not sure why.  Arrie also lost a swarm.

2)     Talked about Hives versus Top Bar Hives.  Watch for overcrowding.

3)     Lemongrass – buy at health food store or Wal-Mart.

4)     Guest Speaker: Ron Brownell.  He has a website and also on Facebook to see bee stuff for sale.  First come, first serve.  He will NOT take orders.

5)     Bees need to be registered.  You can go online or go the County Extension Office Agent to get form.  Need to put your Registration number on frame in case of theft.

6)     Ron Brownell bought a Top Bar Hives.  He sells for $25.00. He gave away as Door Prize.  Cindy Minton won the Hive.  Mr. Brownell makes his hive out of cedar.  www.cedarwoodbeehives.com

7)     The club wants to buy an extractor.  Someone has an extractor that wants to trade for bees.  Arrie is getting telephone number.

8)     Joey Teem mentioned put on website about Top Bar Hives.  He does not think one is better than the other, but likes the Top Bar Hive.  Be watching Facebook page or his Blog to explore more.

9)     We have four members that make hives: Bob Vandergriff, Ron Brownell, Glen Car, Joey Teem – their contact info is listed on the Members section of our web site.

10) Arrie suggested a Master of Arms to control the noise.  Rick Derouin was nominated and voted in as new Master of Arms.

11) Arrie is checking into getting organic sugar.  You can get 60 lbs. cheap.

12) Last fall Mr. Brownell made a sugar cube and put it in his hive.  Put in a Tupperware container and put in hive.

13) If everyone donated $15.00 each for Extractor, if we can get the extractor.  Debbie and Mike, Rick and Cindy gave $15.00 toward extractor.

14) It was a great turn out for the club and hope to see everyone again next month.  If ever you have any questions, you can email anyone one us or post on our Facebook page.  Remember, our website is www.5rbc.net


Bee Calendar : Thanks to UAEX.edu


Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.


Next Meeting: 13 Jun 2017 @6:30 PM

Place: Grandma’s Country Cookin’ in Hardy

Minutes submitted by Martha Holder