Minutes for April 11, 2017



President:                       Arrie Goodwin          (870966-3666

Vice-President:              Vernon Lamb            (870886-6669

Secretary /Treasurer   Jacque English          (870856-4987


Meeting was called to order 6:30 p.m. by Arrie Goodwin at Grandma’s Country Cookin’ Restaurant in Hardy, AR.  We had 25 members and 4 Guest in attendance.  Ronda Lee gave opening prayer. 


Treasurer Report

FNBC Checking - $1487.53


Memberships – 33 paid members.  All annual dues are from January to January.   Help your club and renew.  Welcome to returning members and our newest members: Glenn Clark , Patricia Ann Lufkin, Lisa, Joey, Jacob, Jared Teem, and Allen Mullen.


Meeting Minutes

Minutes from March 14, 2017 were accepted as read.


Activity Report:


1)     March 28th, Arrie had a Hands-on bee rescue from a tree.  All went well and bees were recovered.  Here is the link to the video:  http://5rbc.net/video.html


2)     Myron Kropf will be holding a Queen Rearing Class (with a small fee to cover his costs of materials) 21 April 2017 at 5:30pm.  We’ll be meeting in the Walmart parking lot at 3:30PM and caravan over to Wild Cherry, AR.   Or here are directions via Goggle Maps   https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Hardy,+AR+72542/2233+Little+Woods+Rd,+Bexar,+AR+72515/@36.2513465,-91.9298483,11z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x87d139404ca6799d:0xf8b81b90ff8eadff!2m2!1d-91.4628042!2d36.2758667!1m5!1m1!1s0x87d1bdd85b43cdd9:0x2f2a2e72d551643!2m2!1d-92.0702174!2d36.2776349    Call Arrie at the above number if you have any questions.


3)     One of our newest members, Glenn Clark of Maynard will be opening a business that sells Beekeeping supplies. It is scheduled to open next month.  He is doing his final move from Missouri and hopes to be all settled by then.


4)     Our guest, Jon Stuart, has been building for 7 years and discussed using Lime Dust for Hive Beetle Trap.  He has had much success with this method.  He posted a video on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/jon.stuart.3154/videos/1501226839919859/  along with other videos and ideas to help the beginner and sage bee keepers.   He spoke on the various ways to rear queens.


5)     Life span of Hive Beetles?  The adults may live up to 6 months and can be observed almost anywhere in a hive, although they are most often found on the rear portion of the bottom board of a hive. Female beetles lay irregular masses of eggs in cracks or crevices in a hive. The eggs hatch in 2–3 days into white-colored larvae that will grow to 10–11 mm in length. Larvae feed on pollen and honey, damaging combs, and require about 10–16 days to mature. Larvae that are ready to pupate leave the hive and burrow into soil near the hive. The pupation period may last approximately 3–4 weeks. Newly emerged adults seek out hives and females generally mate and begin egg laying about a week after emergence. Hive beetles may have 4–5 generations a year during the warmer seasons. From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Small_hive_beetle


6)     Grandma Country Cookin’ seeking to display and sell honey.  Some members are working on making display cases.


7)     Myron Kropf sells Bee Packages for $85.00 and his number is (870) 458-3002 to place yours.  Payment is due upon pickup, scheduled for last week in April.  Arrie offered to pick up and deliver the bees, but he needs to be paid beforehand.  You can pay any time before time of pickup with Paypal on our website (just in the Note - write for Bee packages).   We went over the orders and confirmed. 


Once you get your bees, if there seems to be any issues to call Myron right away and not wait a month.  After a month, Myron may not have a queen to replace, so no later than one week to call, if there is an issue.  


8)     Troy Spalding from Hillbilly Bees is selling Nucleus Colonies for $165.00 His number is 888-887-4420.


9)     Bob Vandergriff has 10 frame pine brood boxes for sell - $12.50/ set.   His number is 870.892.8336.  He also brought in show and tell of some frames that were covered in black spots and dead bees.  They were passed around and the consensus was “destroyed by Hive Beetles”.


10)  Checker Board the Frames to get max production.  Move the outside frames into the inner section of the box so those get attention by the bees.  It was recommended to try and get away from the plastic inserts for frames. They should be replaced at least every 5 years, if you do use them.  Many folks are going with no inserts.  All they do is rub wax all on the inside of the frames and let the bees create their own frames, much like the way a Top Bar Hive works.  This way you also have comb.  Some use coat hangers to make bars in the frames and once it is time to harvest, simply use a heat gun and heat the coat hanger and it slips right out.  So you can cut the comb to your preferred size.  


11) Multiple Discussion groups were happening around the room with folks talking about bee issues.    It was a great turn out for the club and hope to see everyone again next month.  If ever you have any questions, you can email anyone one us or post on our Facebook page.  Remember, our website is www.5rbc.net

12. Northeast Arkansas Beekeepers Association
Meeting Date: 04/18/2017 – Meeting
Meeting Time: 7:00am - 8:00pm
Meeting Place: Extension Office 611 Washington Jonesboro, AR
Guest Speakers: Jeff Woods and Steve Kline
Topics: How to raise queens without grafting, feeding bees, and mite treatments.
Contact: Jeff Woods, President (870) 761-2469


Bee Calendar : Thanks to UAEX.edu


Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.


Next Meeting: 09 May 2017 @6:30 PM

Place:  Grandma’s Country Cookin’ in Hardy

Minutes submitted by Jacque English