Minutes for February 14, 2017



President:                       Arrie Goodwin          (870966-3666

Vice-President:              Vernon Lamb            (870886-6669

Secretary /Treasurer     Jacque English         (870856-4987


Meeting was called to order 6:30 p.m. by Arrie Goodwin at Grandma’s Country Cookin’ Restaurant in Hardy, AR.  We had 15 members in attendance.  Stanley Holder gave opening prayer. 


Treasurer Report

FNBC Checking - $977.67

PayPal Account - $ 28.53


Memberships – 19 paid members.  All annual dues are from January to January.   Help your club and renew. Welcome to Rick and Cindy Minton, our newest members.


Meeting Minutes

Minutes from January 10, 2017 were accepted as read.


Activity Report:


1)     Myron Kropf sells Bee Packages for $85.00 and his number is (870) 458-3002 to place yours.  Payment is due upon pickup, scheduled for next May timeframe.  Arrie offered to pick up and deliver the bees, but he needs to be paid beforehand.  You can pay any time before time of pickup.


Once you get your bees, if there seems to be any issues to call Myron right away and not wait a month.  After a month, Myron may not have a queen to replace, so no later than one week to call, if there is an issue.  


2)     Troy Spalding from Hillbilly Bees is selling Nucleus Colonies for $165.00 His number is 888-887-4420.


3)     More folks losing hives due to weather and hunger.  Hives totally empty of honey, no dead bees, etc.


4)      We voted unanimously to order a Bee Extractor from Mann Lake.  The cost is $430.00.  It will be available for members to check out for $10.00/day deposit during honey harvesting.  The extractor will hold 6 shallow frames, 3 medium, or 3 deep.  Extracting package includes extractor, stand, cold uncapping knife, double sieve, 5 gallon bucket with honey gate, and uncapping scratcher which all need to be returned together in the condition it was checked out.  If not, you may lose your deposit. 

Jacque will not order it until after the delivery of bees to members in April timeframe.  It was discussed and the extractor will be held by the English’s, they are most central point for all members. 


5)     We need to do Fund Raiser Events for the club – the County Fairs last year; we broke even after purchasing the candy to sell.    Any and all suggestions are very welcome.


6)     Arrie spoke on the N.E. Arkansas Beekeepers Assoc. meeting in Jonesboro on Feb 4th that was held and brought in a show and tell of how to place 2 brood queens chambers side by side with shallow supers on top.  Makes more honey this technique it is said.  http://americanbeejournal.com/comparing-two-queen-colony-management-methods/ has an article on this type of design.



7)     The time to split hives and queens are end of March beginning of April.


8)   A small coffee café in Hardy, AR named Leaves and Beans – phone (870) 847-3748 wishes to purchase jars of honey.   Vernon spoke with Christina, the owner and she may wish to carry jars to sell in the future.  


9)     Arrie spoke with the owners of The Spring River Health Connection Health Food Store in Highland, next to the ATV place, wishes to purchase jars of honey, honey combs, and wax, but recommends muffin size.  The larger size wax does not sell as well.  Her number is 870-856-5694.


10) We are gearing up for the County Fairs and will be seeking volunteers to man the booths.  Dates TBA for each Fair.  The Izard and Lawrence County Fairs will have only a static display this year; we did not have much foot traffic last year.


11)We are being asked to hold Beginning Bee Classes and Educational Events for schools, etc.  We are looking into acquiring an overhead projection unit to show slideshows and build up a Lending Library for our members. 


12) When we get our observation hive to take to these various events, we were concerned about liability.  We are checking into getting General Liability insurance to cover the club from anyone that may get stung by either one of our bees that escape or other unknown hazards. 


13) Perfect Bees offers online classes regarding Beekeeping.  A good thing to check out. https://www.perfectbee.com/beekeeping-course/



Bee Calendar : Thanks to UAEX.edu

Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.


Next Meeting: 14 March 2017 @6:30 PM

Place:  Grandma’s Country Cookin’ in Hardy

Minutes submitted by Jacque English