Minutes for September 13, 2016


     President:               Arrie Goodwin            (870966-3666

  Vice-President:           Ronda Lee                  (870613-7092

Secretary/Treasurer     Jacque English           (870856-4987


Meeting was called to order 6:30 p.m. by Arrie Goodwin at Grandma’s County Cooking Restaurant in Hardy, AR.  We had 14 members and 4 guests in attendance.  Arrie gave opening prayer.

Treasurer Report

FNBC Checking - $382.67

Petty Cash         -  $57.00

Memberships – 61 paid members.  All annual dues are from January to January. 

Meeting Minutes

Minutes from August 09, 2016 were accepted as read.

Activity Report:

Arrie bought more Honey Sticks from Mann Lake for the up-coming events listed below.

Arrie passed around a new flavor for the honey sticks – Chocolate Mint – some liked it and some did not.  We’ll pass these out for free at the events.

We went around the room and introduced ourselves to the club.

Ron Brownell – starting to take orders for Cedar Top Bar Hives and Langstroth Hives – contact him at 870.257.2334. He also makes special Top Bar slats that have a gap to allow the bees to come and go but the queen cannot.  He is looking for a supplier that he can get cedar at a good price.  If anyone knows of anyone, please pass the information onto Ron.

We never could get a hold of the folks at the Latter Day Saint Church in Pocahontas for the Prepper Class on Sept 10th - we were to speak at.  The phone numbers listed were no longer in use or disconnected.

We have a booth beginning Sept 17th at the Maynard Pioneer Days.  We are seeking volunteers to help out with the booth this weekend.  If it rains, we will not being doing since the table is outside and we are not in a protected area.

Eagle Crest Nursing Home in Ash Flat had a Flea Market, but we did not get the information in time to attend this event.

Homesteader Days of Old – they wish us to be dressed in period clothing and to show bee working – we are not doing that one.

T-shirts are in and selling fast.  They are $10.00 each.  If we ran out of your size, let Jacque know, so she can start the order form for next submission.   It was recommended to order when we have at least 12 to submit – we get the best prices that way.  As soon as we sell what we have left, then Jacque will place another order.  Jacque and Marty paid out of pocket for the Tees and once they make back out the price they paid, the rest will go back into the Bee Club.

Jacque got us business cards for the club and passed them around for folks to take some – to pass out in their area.  Let’s get the word out there that we are here and are growing.

Jacque bought nice educational posters for the fairs and talking engagements to show.  She got them laminated to save on the wear and tear of them.

Hive Losses – Arrie lost 2 hives, Ronda lost her queen

Mite / Hive Beetles Treat Now with these ideas: Treat Monthly.

Food Grade Mineral Oil – Fogger spray hive – kills mites.  Do this once a month.

Unscented dry swifter pad – lay on top of screen – also kills mites.

Crisco and borax using CD Container as small traps or use ‘V’ shape traps - $1.00 each

October / November Meeting – Mryan Krop will be here to take Bee Orders – Prices TBA – last year $85.00 for 3 lbs. He has over 1000 hives across the United States.
$165 for 5lbs NUC are sold by Hillbillybees.  Bob Vandergtiff is also looking for folks to start raising queen bees.

 October Meeting:  Tri-County will be coming to talk to us about what we wish to see carried at their store.  So have your list ready to tell Carol.

 Displayed a new Bee Suit distributor outfit.  The one at meeting is sold for $40.00 and $30.00 S/H is sting resistant from www.dormantent.com.   The Gloves were $5.00 each.

Animals issues with hives – many being knocked over – bears are on the move and may be the cause of the turn overs or cows possibly could have been deer.

Fair help needed for last week of Sept – (Sept 26- Oct 1) the North Central District Fair – passed around sign-up sheet of date and times on who could help.  We had 2 volunteers.  We really could use more help during these events.  This is the last one for the year.  The fair will be judging the booths – maybe we will win.  We do have a nice display, if I say so myself.

We are getting more and more requests on removing bees and swarm removal.  We need help when these calls come in.  Let Arrie know if you can offer assistance.

In fact, the county wants us to form a list of members that can help with bee removal from homes.

Grandma’s Country Cooking said we could sell jars of honey there at the restaurant – only if the display case was nice looking, so seeking a wood worker to build a case for us.

Jacque will print up labels to be placed on the jars with the Five Rivers Bee Club information.

Jacque submitted for our non-profit 501 © 3 last month and we (Five Rivers Bee Club) have been approved.   She is next going to submit for our Tax exempt number.

Eylan asked what type of bees everyone had.  Majority said wild ones that sting. 

Jessica had issues with her bees and will know more tomorrow after she checks her hives to see if she will lose any.  I spoke with her the following day and her hives are all good.  She did not lose any.

At the Sharp County fair – Arrie and Irene won best in show with their honey, eggs and other items.   They advanced and items will be shown at NCDF and we wish them the best of luck at the North Central District Fair.

Arrie has become known around the area – if you need someone to speak about bees – call him.  He is seeking help with these speaking engagements.  Here is a partial list of commitments he has made and could use help.  4-H 3rd Friday of Month, FFA Highland, Pocahontas biology class, Master Gardeners at the Citizen Bank, FFA Melbourne

Needs help Monday, Sept 19th at removing bees – it is 35-40 ft up – needs a bucket truck to reach the bees in Cherokee Village around Flat Head.  Well established hives.  Owner offered to pay for bucket truck.

McDonalds in Pocahontas – couple hundred bees – the swarm left and it was just a small amount of bees left.

If anyone can help - please call Arrie.  Thank you.

Winterizing hives – many do not insulate their hives – does not get that cold here.  Many feel you do not insulate trees – why insulate hives.  

Looks like most of the members are going to need to feed their bees this winter.

We need a Member at Large for the club.  This is a person that stands in for the Secretary if they (Jacque English) cannot make a meeting.  The responsibility is they would take notes of the night meetings and submit to Secretary to write up.

Bee Calendar : Thanks to UAEX.edu



Cooler, wetter weather may produce a fall nectar flow, allowing bees to collect more winter stores. Drones may evicted from the hives as workers sense changes in temperature and food availability. Egg production will be reduced as the days get shorter and cooler.


Any remaining honey is harvested. Each colony will need about 50-60 pounds of honey for winter. After honey is removed, medications for colony pests can be applied. Some beekeepers will re-queen colonies now, temporarily breaking the brood cycle and encouraging good egg-laying by young queens in the early spring. Clean and safely store all empty supers away from rodents and wax moths.





The queen's egg-laying continues to decrease, and the colony population will also decline. No more drones will be produced, and those remaining will be expelled from the hive. Workers continue to forage for winter food stores as long as they can.


Colonies may require some feeding to ready them for winter. Fall feeding is done with 2:1 (sugar:water) syrup.  Mite treatments should be removed at the appropriate time (consult product label). Mouse-guards can be installed. Watch for robbing activities. When finished readying hives for winter, don't open them again unless necessary. Each time a hive is opened, the bees must re-seal the cracks with propolis to keep out winter drafts.

Upcoming Events: (more information / flyers on website)

·         Sept 17-19, Maynard Pioneer Days

·         Sept 26 – Oct 1 – North Central District Fair – Melbourne

·         Oct 10,17,24 – Beginning Beekeeping – 6-9 pm – Ozark College in Ash Flat

Website Updates:  Minutes, business cards, new photos, and business links added.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Next Meeting: 11 October 2016  

Place: Grandma Country Cooking in Hardy (previously David King’s Cat Fish)

Minutes submitted by Jacque English