Minutes for July 12, 2016


President:                    Arrie Goodwin            (870) 966-3666

Vice-President:           Ronda Lee                  (870) 613-7092

Secretary/Treasurer     Jacque English            (870) 856-4987


Meeting was called to  order 6:30 p.m. by Arrie Goodwin at Artisan Restaurant in Highland, AR.  We had 12 members in attendance and 3 guests. 


Guest Speaker -  Rebecca L. Long – USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services from Ash Flat, AR.  She spoke about individual grants for small farms beginning at 5 acres.  She provided a lot of good information and handouts. 

Contact information:  Monica – Izard – 870.368.4321 x3, Kelly – Fulton – 870.895.3201 x3, Rebecca – Sharp – 870.994.7335 x3

Some of the things they help with:  Ponds, Wells, Pollinators/Tree Planting, Erosion Prevention, Fencing (not perimeter), Hoop Houses

Equip Program – need Farm Deed – you can sign up for deed with them

DISCOUNTS: Veteran Assistance, 60% Fund , 90% New farmers

You must register as farm.  Sign contract – environmental quality practice.

Long Term 3 years+:  1 yr behind on contracts so add one year.

USDA Plants http://plants.usda.gov  Good Site and Flyer handed out

WEBSITE: to learn more info:  http://www.nrcs.usda.gov/wps/portal/nrcs/site/ar/home/


Treasurer Report

Petty Cash - $85.00

FNBC Checking June Balance:   $545.07

(Mann Lake for Fair candy)       - $204.95

 July Balance:                               $340.12


Memberships45 paid members.  All dues are annually from Jan to Jan. 



Meeting Minutes

Minutes from June 14, 2016 were edited for corrections and accepted. Jessica Beaudoin made the motion and Vernon Lamb 2nd – Passed unanimously.


Activity Director Report:

1)      We will be at Sharp County (Ash Flat) County Fair from July 26-30.  Please contact Arrie to see what he needs help with.  We are in need of the following:

·         6ft tables (Jacque and Marty English x1)

·         Extractors (Jessica Beaudoin – needs to be picked up – she’ll be out of town for fair)

·         Bee Suits (Jacque and Marty English, Ronda Lee)

·         Hive Display (Ronda Lee)

·         Smokers

·         Open Frame for Viewing (Bob Vandergriff will try and make one before the fair to have as exhibit)

·         Chairs (bring your own)

·         Flyers / Handouts

·         Anything else you can think of to have at our table to display for the public to learn about bees.


Old Business:  -


1)      With the increase in heat, if you see your bees on the OUTSIDE of the hive, they are fanning it to cool the inside for the queen.  Solution to help reduce the interior heat, place Popsicle sticks in between the boxes.   This will allow more air flow yet not wide enough to allow the queen to escape.  No more than ¼ inch.  Paint Stir sticks from B&B lumber – works well

2)      Jacque English ordered a 2x4ft banner for display at events.  It will be here Friday July 22nd – Cost $35.23.

3)      We are not doing Fulton County this year, they wanted $90.00/table for outside and if you wanted A/C table, it was $100.00.

4)      Cathy Austin – does embroidering and will give us a fair price to have our logo made on T-shirts, Bee suits.  More discussion to follow. 

5)      Our Website – it can be accessed at http://5rbc.net.  Jacque and Marty English bought and donated two (2) Domain Names for our use: 5rbc.net and fivereiversbeeclub.net.  Please visit and add your events you know about to the Calendar.  All Fair dates have been added.  Link to our Facebook page is off the site as well.

6)      Seek another location to hold meetings.  Artisan Restaurant is nice but noisy.  The old Kings/David Catfish house where we used to hold meeting will be re-opening under new owners.  The folks that own Granny’s in Ravenden bought it.  GOOD FOOD !! They have nice private rooms and we hope they will be open by our next meeting on August 9, 2016.  We will keep you posted.


New Business:

1)      Jon Zawislak – added us to the ABA website. http://arbeekeepers.org/clubs/5river.html

2)      Basic Bee Classes Oct 10/17/24 – FREE - flyer posted on website.

3)      SUIT SAFETY – Wear your suits and safety equipment when dealing with your bees.  We know many go out in normal clothing with no issues, but it only takes that ONE time.

4)      FEEDING TIME STARTING – Tis the season. Pollination is ending and time to start feeding your bees.  Suggestions were to place a brown paper bag and spread sugar on top – they love it.

5)      BEE VACUUM – Home Depot – 5-gal Wet/Dry Vacuum ($27.00) plus a 5-gal bucket.  Best to cut a hole in the side of the bucket to use as an air flow gauge.  For more information on how to make one contact Arrie.

6)      TRI-COUNTY – wants to start carrying bee supplies. Stop by and chat with John to give him your input.

7)      ORSCHELN FARM and HOME - Mt. Home – Carries bee supplies.

8)      TRACTOR SUPPLY – will order bee supplies – Just pick up at store.

9)      Bob Vandergriff passed out Bee Hive Inspection sheets to the members.  Jacque English will scan a copy and add to website, so folks can print more when needed.

Questions and Answers:

Q. 2-3 eggs in one cell – you have a laying worker.  Eggs from queen are at the bottom.  Destroy your hive and start over.  You cannot introduce a queen if you have a worker laying, they will kill the queen.

Q. Sugar Water for Feeding?     It does not make good eating honey.

Q. Winter – bottom up frame consumption     When they eat honey, they move up and down.  They DO NOT move side to side to eat honey.  When they move to the upper box, remove the center frames of the bottom box and move the honey frame toward the center, where they move up and down between the boxes.

Q. Sugar Prices?      Sam’s Club - Daily Chef Granulated Sugar (25 lbs.) $11.38 and Walmart Pure Sugar (25 lbs.) $11.98

Q. Alternatives to smoker?     Folks say rubbing Hickory Liquid Smoke  (from grocery store) on your hands and arms works well.     A good cigar does the trick as well.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m


Next Meeting: 09 August 2016  Place: TBD


Minutes submitted by Jacque English