Minutes for June 14, 2016


President:                    Arrie Goodwin            (870) 966-3666
:           Ronda Lee                  (870) 613-7092
Secretary/Treasurer    Jacque English             (
870) 856-4987


Meeting was called to  order 6:40 p.m. by Arrie Goodwin at Artisan Restaurant in Highland, AR.  We had 13 members in attendance.  We were missing folks because they were in Jonesboro at the Bee Meeting there this night.  They normally do not have it on same night as ours but they did for this month.


Guest Speaker -  Hillbilly Bees –  (http://www.hillbillybees.com/ ) from Salem, AR.


Special Thanks – From Dee and Donnie Burkhead for all the help we offered but they are not going to invest in any bees at this time and gave a donation to the club of $20.00


Treasurer Report – Arrie reported we transferred to a new bank at First National Banking Company (FNBC) in Ash Flat, AR.  Presently, we have $545.07 in checking.

Petty Cash - $85.00 - He used $25.00 to book booth at Sharp County Fair.


Meeting Minutes – None to approve or to submit corrections for at this time.


Memberships – 43 paid members.  All dues are yearly from Jan to Jan..

Welcome Troy Spalding of Hillbilly Bees who joined the club on the 14th. He has over 1000 hives and Queens, Nucleus, Colonies, Honey and Pollination Services ph# Office 888-887--4420 Fax 888-720-2799 Cell 602-918-2014 troy @ hillbillybees.com


Activity Director Report:

1)      Arrie said we have County Fairs coming up, and is seeking volunteers to help with these events, to sit at table to answer questions and pass the word of our club.  They are being held on the same day this year.  Arrie will be at Sharp County (Ash Flat) and Ronda will be at Fulton County (Salem).  Please contact them to see what they need help with.  They are in need of the following:

·         6ft tables

·         Extractors

·         Bee Suits

·         Hive Display

·         Anything else you can think of for the tables


2)      Time for Hive Beetles and Mites is upon us and inspections of hives should be done regularly.  Arrie’s recipe: 1 gallon water, Ό cup oil, dawn dish soap.  He used Powdered Sugar to check for mites.  If you need more clarification, please do not hesitate to contact Arrie.


3)      With the increase in heat, if you see your bees on the OUTSIDE of the hive, they are fanning it to cool the inside for the queen.  Solution to help reduce the interior heat, place Popsicle sticks in between the boxes.   This will allow more air flow yet not wide enough to allow the queen to escape.  NO more than 1/4 inch.  Paint Sticks at B&B Lumber work well.


Voting of new officers:

CONGRATULATIONS  to our Secretary/Treasurer – Jacque English.  Ronda Lee nominated her and Rick seconded.  It was passed unanimously.


Old Business:  - None to report


New Business:

1)      Arrie asked the members regarding the Sharp County Fair in July to purchase honey candies from Kelly Beekeeping for $239.40 to have on hand at the table.  Jacque English made the motion, Rick Lee seconded it and it was passed unanimously.   He ended up going with Mann Lake for a lot more candy and cheaper.

2)      Arrie asked the members about getting quotes on a banner for events to display at our tables.  All agreed that would be fine.  Jacque English ordered a 2x4ft banner and should be here Friday, July 22, 2016.

3)      Find Fair dates and prices for Booths for the following counties: Izard, Lawrence, Randolph.  Check with local Farmers Market and Hardy Homesteaders Day.  He said to pay no more than $45.00 for a table at any of the fairs.  We are not doing Fulton - they wanted too much money for tables.

4)      Cathy Austin – does embroidering and will give us a fair price to have our logo made on T-shirts, Bee suits.  More discussion to follow.

5)      Website – we do not presently have a website but we have a Facebook page that can be accessed at  ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/590964444394870/ ) .  Joey Treem and Jacque English are knowledgeable and will start working up something.  Jacque and Marty English bought and donated two (2) Domain Names for our use: 5rbc.net and fiveriversbeeclub.net.  They also have worked up a webpage for our review and welcome any suggestions to make it better.

6)      Seek another location to hold meetings.  The restaurants are nice but can be too noisy to hear the speakers and the information being put out.  To look around for a place that we can set up on a permanent basis.  Suggestions were the College behind Walmart, Hardy Fire and Rescue building, Hardy City Hall, local churches.  Requirement to meet is it be still in this immediate area.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m

 Next Meeting:   12 JULY 2016   Place: Artisan Restaurant in Highland, AR

Minutes submitted by Jacque English

Minuted edited 14 July 2016 from corrections found at meeting.