Minutes for October 11, 2016

President: Arrie Goodwin - (870)966-3666

Vice-President: Ronda Lee - (870) 613-7092

Secretary/Treasurer: Jacque English - (870) 856-4987


Meeting was called to order 6:30 p.m. by Arrie Goodwin at Grandma’s Country Cooking Restaurant in Hardy, AR.  We had 23 members and 3 guests in attendance.  Arrie gave opening prayer.


Treasurer Report

FNBC Checking - $382.67

Petty Cash         - $140.50


Memberships – 66 paid members.  All annual dues are from January to January. 


Meeting Minutes

Minutes from September 13, 2016 were accepted as read.


Activity Report:

Last month the servers only received a $2.80 tip from all of us.  If this happens again, then they’ll have to start charging us for the room.  So please give to your server to show them they are appreciated.


We went around the room and our newest members introduced themselves to the club.  A big welcome to Bronna and Andy Birdsell,  Martha and Stanley Holder, and Deborah deValcourt.

The Fair season is over for the year and we talked to a lot of folks these past three months spreading the word about bees.  Thank you ALL that helped out manning booths during this time.

Tri-County Farm and Ranch Supply in Ash Flat folks Carol, John and Robert came to talk to us about what supplies and plants we wish to see carried at their store for bee keeping.  I think we over loaded them with our wish list.


The Beginning Bee Class was held on Monday Oct 10th in Ash Flat Ozarka College and there were almost 80 folks there.  It was an excellent presentation and valuable information put out by Jon Z.   There are 2 more classes being held.  See dates below.


Arrie reminded members that next month at the November 8th meeting nominations for President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member at Large will be accepted.   December we vote and the new Officers take office in January.


Any changes to the By-Laws can be changed at this time and changes are approved by majority vote.  Jacque will post the By-Laws on the website for you to print out and edit to bring in for discussion in November.


November Meeting – Myran Krop will be here to take Bee Orders – Prices TBA – last year $85.00 for 3 lbs. He has over 1000 hives across the United States and for the most part his bees are gentle.


$165 for 5lbs NUC are sold by Hillbillybees.  (Troy Spalding)


Members that make hives:  Jacob and Joey Teem make Horizontal Top Bar Hives and sells them for  - $125.00 (members) -  $155.00 (non-members).  This is the time that he starts fulfilling orders, so place yours now.  Call Joey - 870.844.1412 and/or - 870.283.9382


Ron Brownell also makes hives of all kinds (Langstroth Hive, Horizontal Top Bar Hive, and the Warre Hive) – Price TBD – His number is 870.257.2334 to find out more information.

Vernon Lamb sells his honey by the quart for $13.00 or 2 for $25.00.  Contact him at 870.886.6669.  Vernon is also making display cases to sell honey at some of the local stores that have asked us to.  (IE: Tri-County, Ozark Crafts, Grandma’s Country Cooking).

Handouts were made available for members to take that we handed out at the Fairs.


We are officially a 501©3 Non-Profit, the certificate arrived.  Jacque will work on getting us a Tax Exempt Number next week.


More Tee Shirts will be ordered and available at next meeting.


There was a lot of socializing among the members.   It was a great evening getting to know our members better.


Spring River Chronicle wishes to do a Full Feature article on us for their magazine.  We had a group picture taken to be added  (pictures added to Photo section of website).   They are going to meet with Arrie to take more pictures of hives, etc.  If you have any pictures for the magazine article, please email them to me and I will forward them to Mary and Tammy for consideration. 


Peter Martin wishes to do a TV segment on us as well, to be aired on the local cable channel.   Time has not been arranged yet for interview.


Bee Calendar : Thanks to UAEX.edu



The queen's egg-laying continues to decrease, and the colony population will also decline. No more drones will be produced, and those remaining will be expelled from the hive. Workers continue to forage for winter food stores as long as they can.


Colonies may require some feeding to ready them for winter. Fall feeding is done with 2:1 (sugar:water) syrup.  Mite treatments should be removed at the appropriate time (consult product label). Mouse-guards can be installed. Watch for robbing activities. When finished readying hives for winter, don't open them again unless necessary. Each time a hive is opened, the bees must re-seal the cracks with propolis to keep out winter drafts.





As the weather turns cold, bee activity will be reduced outside the hive. The temperature will send bees into a loose cluster as necessary.


Install entrance reducers. Finish winter feeding. Don't open hives is cold weather. In windy areas, secure hive lids with a brick or rock. Now enjoy some honey. Review your records and evaluate colony performance. Consider what you might do differently next year. Attend your local beekeeper meetings and compare notes. Evaluate equipment and consider repairs or replacements.  Render and clean any leftover wax.


Upcoming Events: (more information / flyers on website)

·         Oct 17 – Beginning Beekeeping – 6-9 pm – Ozark College in Ash Flat

·         Oct 24 – Beginning Beekeeping – 6-9 pm – Ozark College in Ash Flat


Website Updates:  Minutes, business cards, new photos, and business links added.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.


Next Meeting: 08 November 2016 @6:30 PM

Place: Grandma Country Cooking in Hardy (previously David King’s Cat Fish)

Minutes submitted by Jacque English